Count your calorie while drinking!

Calories in Beverages
Beverage                                                                                Quantity                                  Total calories ·Lemonade (Salted & sweet)                                   1 glass                                          90 ·Aerated sold drinks                                                1 bottle                                       78 ·Tea (with 50ml toned milk & 1 tsp. sugar)          1 cup                                            50 ·Tea ( with skimmed milk & 1 tsp. sugar)             1 cup                                            45 ·Black tea (with 1 tsp. sugar)                                  1 cup                                            20 ·Coffee without milk ( with 1 tsp sugar)                1 cup                                             5 ·Lemonade (only salted)                                          1 glass                                           Neg.
·Cream of tomato                    …

Breast cancer symptoms: Lumps & bumps shouldn’t be ignored

The sooner a disease or disorder is detected, the more chances of getting it treated.  Especially, when the disease is as lethal as cancer, detecting the early symptoms may reduce the risk factors to a much extent.
But, often most of us ignore unusual swellings in the body, only later we realize that these inflammations needed much attention than ignorance. Any sort of swelling, lumps, and bumps shouldn’t be under-looked as they may be the initial symptoms of an underlying problem.

Early symptoms of breast cancer
Some of the most common signs of breast cancer include the formation of lump/lumps in the breast and also, development of a painless, hard mass in the breast having irregular edges. In some cases, breast cancer appears as red or thickened skin rather than a lump.
Other common symptoms of breast cancer include:
·Swelling in breast ·Nipple retraction (nipple turning inwards) ·Pain in breast or in nipple ·Discharge from nipple (not milk) ·Redness of breast or of the nipple ·Skin irrita…

drug abuse in teenagers

Often, teenagers come up ideas to try new as well as interesting things and take risks in their lives, so Many of them try tobacco, alcohol, or drugs because it seems exciting. Only some teens try these substances just a few times, but most of the teens can’t control cravings or urge to have then, again and again, that is called as substance abuse. Teens may try various substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, prescribed drugs, household chemicals, and illegal drugs.
What are reasons for teens abusing drugs and alcohol?
There may be different reasons for teenagers using drugs and alcohol. They include: ·May be to become a part of certain friends or groups. ·They like the after effect of drugs or alcohol. ·They believe it makes them more mature and grown-up.
Signs of substance abuse in teenagers
It has become very difficult for parents to know about their child’s lifestyle when children are trying to maintain with their parents. Nowadays, drug abuse in teens is the major public health issue…

early diagnosis of cerebral palsy

Early diagnosis of cerebral palsy is crucial to maximize a child’s potential and mobility. Often, diagnosis of cerebral palsy is delayed for various reasons sometimes medicalprofessionals fail to detect cerebral palsy at an early stage.
There is no single test available that can accurately diagnose a child with cerebral palsy. Diagnosing cerebral palsy is time taking and long process.
In severe cases, cerebral palsy may be detected soon after the birth, but for the most of the cases, diagnosis can be made in the first two years after the birth.
For the children with milder symptoms, a diagnosis may not be made until the brain develops fully at 3-5 years of age. For an instance, the normal age to diagnose a child with spastic diplegia, another common form of cerebral palsy, is 18 months.
Diagnosing Cerebral Palsy can involve many steps. The first step is checking for important indicators including:
·When the child reaches development signpost and growth does charts standards for weight an…

cerebral palsy causes & symptoms

Cerebral palsy is a set of neurological disorders that affect balance, muscle tone, and movement. This condition is caused by damage, which occurs in the developing, immature brain, mostly before birth. Cerebral palsy initiates in the area of the brain that controls the movement of muscles. There are two types of CP- cerebral palsy, when a person is born with this disorder that’s called “congenital CP” and if some get it after the birth it is called as “acquired CP.”
People who have cerebral palsy either can have mild issues with muscle control or severe issues when they cannot walk. Some people even experience difficulty in talking.
Causes of cerebral palsy
Here are some problems that can damage the brain or disrupt its growth are as follow:
·Bleeding in the brain before birth while baby still in the womb, at the time of birth or after the birth ·Important organs of the body lacking blood flow ·Some genetic disorders ·Seizures during the birth or in the first month after the birth ·Trauma…

Reasons you are tired all the time

Often, we all tend to blame our too-busy lifestyle for being tired and most of the times we are right about it. But if you are tired all the time even after having enough rest and comfortable work routine you are constantly depending on caffeine to keep you active, you need to find out the reasons behind your tiredness.
If your tiredness is persisting for some time you may have to get yourself tested for anemia (iron deficiency), thyroid problems, heart disease and much more. Even deficiency of vitamin D, allergies or any other medications could be the reasons of your tiredness.
This condition is due to a lack of red blood cells, which result in bringing oxygen from the lungs to the tissues and cells. Shortage of oxygen supply in the body causes frequent or unexplained dizziness, headache and tiredness all the time. Anemia can be caused by vitamin or iron deficiency, internal bleeding, blood loss, or a chronic disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, kidney failure, or cancer. Pre…